Thanks for allowing #SDCO to partner with you in this fundraiser! T-Shirts are one of the best way's you can raise serious cash for the cause that matters most to you. Below you will find a couple key things to get your fundraiser up and going.


#1 Terms of Service

A. Please download the following PDF which outline our Terms of Service.

B. Confirm you have read and agree with the Terms of Service by typing your name below and clicking the submit button.

#2 Make Your Deposit

Each T-Shirt Campaign requires a $35 setup deposit. This deposit is 100% refunded if your campaign funds and will be added to your final check from #SDCO.

Fundraiser Deposit
from 35.00
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#3 Upload Your Artwork

If you have "print ready" artwork (original adobe illustrator files), you can click the button below and upload your files to our Dropbox account.

If you have artwork in jpeg format we can usually convert this to a print ready file, but will incur a $25/charge.

If you need artwork designed by our team, please just ignore the button below.



Be sure you click the cart button on this page and checkout.


  1. Once your design is finalized, you will receive a personalized URL to send to friends, family and foes :).
  2. Customers will choose what size and how many T-shirts they would like straight from our website.
  3. We will run your campaign for 8 days. At the end of 8 days we will send you an update on how many shirts you sold and give you the date your shirts will be ready for pickup or delivery.
  4. For orders within the DFW Metroplex we will provide you with the shirts and invoice/receipt to deliver to your supporters. For orders outside the Metroplex we ship them directly to your supporters.
  5. We will mail you your check!